Are You Ready To Get Started On Your ADU?

REIG ADU is dedicated to providing clients with top-tier construction services in Southern California. Please see some samples of various Accessory Dwelling Unit construction projects we have completed throughout the years on our client’s single-family homes in Sunny San Diego.

Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit

Detached Accessory Dwelling Units are a commonly built ADU type – If you are looking for a separate space from the main house on your property for family or rental; detached ADUs are a great option allowing multiple living spaces with a little breathing room.

Attached Accessory Dwelling Unit

Attached Accessory Dwelling Units are often most common for families, rather than rental options, and here’s why: you’re pretty much still living in the same home. Think of an attached unit as an addition, but still a separate living space (including a kitchen, bathroom, etc). It’s a great option when lot space for a build is limited, or you want to keep people close, but not too close.

Garage Conversion

Garage Conversions are a commonly built ADU type because most homeowners find themselves with this space readily available, even if they have a limited lot size. Garages are usually already established and permitted structures so time is saved in construction over a ground-up build. A garage conversion is a great option providing you still have some sort of space for vehicles (street, driveway, carport, etc.)

If you are interested in building an Accessory Dwelling Unit or Granny Flat on your property we can help you get started on your journey today.

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